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Nov 7, - Many were particularly put-off by the way the girls leveraged their weight using the 'splash back' wall, where men often aimed their urine.

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A female urinal is designed for the anatomy of women, to allow ease of use by women and girls. Different models enable urination in standing, semi-squatting. May 23, - However many trans women choose not to use urinals for reasons of public safety, to maintain an alliance with their true identity and to help As a female, have you ever had to use a urinal?

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Jun 2, - We are SO close to one another! I can see EVERYTHING!" Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! Jul 10, - Original reddit comment by: Aoladari Oh boy. Kindergarden probably the first week or so. I ask to use the bathroom, the girls room has.

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May 15, - I peed in male urinal several times. It's not big deal cuz I can pee standing up just like guys. It's not easy though Anyway I love to show off my. Mar 29, - How to Use a Female Urinal. Female urinals can be useful for women who are injured or bedridden at home or in the hospital and want an.

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Jul 19, - Even so, just the notion of women using a urinal symbolizes a pretty radical all about testing our idea: a simple, open-air pee solution for girls. Female Urination Device - Foolproof Urinal Allows Women to Pee Standing Up - No .. Then I gave up undid my pants and was able to use the go girl once my.

Are not girl using a urinal thanks for 2 Pieces New Portable Female Women Girl Urinal Camping Travel Urination Toilet Weight: 18g - making it very easy to use, store and carry. Aug 11, - Berlin seeks gender equality for public toilets as it seeks to redevelop its municipal "pissoirs".

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May 19, - Indeed, girls can pee standing up and use urinals - including urinals designed for men to use. If they spread their labia apart and lift upward on. Jul 18, - Not only do girls have to deal with assholes like us guys but their bathroom lines are ridiculously long. You know what would make the lines.

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This is a strange thread, but I'm too ashamed to ask girls what they think So I told her this story: One time I was using a urinal at school (about. Jan 17, - Rule number one when using the urinals: you do NOT talk when using the This includes the busiest clubs: while the girls' toilets may be full of.